This one is a sort of continuation to the Experience aspect.  Over the years, I have gained the knowledge of what it takes to entertain you and your guests and give you the show that you want and are paying for.  I have the knowledge to take any problem that may arise and turn it into a positive experience.

1.  Proffesionalism

There are many valid reasons why you pick who you pick to represent you on your big day.  Following are, what I feel to be, the Top 10 Reasons to really consider me to be Your Wedding Reception Disc Jockey/Master Of Ceremonies.

This one goes back to intentionally limiting the number of shows each year.  I find that a lot of D.J.'s do not hold to the same level of professionalism that I hold myself to.  I have been called many times 'last minute' to pick up where another D.J. has left off, for whatever reasons.  I keep an 'open availability' precisely to pick up those last minute dropped ball and run it in for a Touchdown.

This is one reason that you can't buy, at any price.  You have to actually perform these shows to gain the needed experience.  Over the last 30 plus years and hundreds of shows across the country, I have learned what works and what doesn't work.  I am constantly learning new things that will bring that little touch of greatness to your event.

I am constantly asked, "What type of music do you play?"  I don't really understand that question.  In my role as your D.J., I will play whatever type of music you want me to play.  I have one of the largest music libraries around and I am updating my music on a weekly basis.  If I don't the exact song you want, I will do whatever it takes to find it.

6.  Music

4.  Experience

3.  Knowledge

8.  Availbility

Because I intentionally limit the number of shows I do in a year, I can concentrate fully on all of the shows that I do.  I am truly dedicated to making this the best day of your life.  I will do anything within my power to give you the best show you've ever seen.

In my opinion, the most important attribute anyone doing work for someone else can possess.  A true professional will give you 100% of themselves 100% of the time.  My promise, my vow to you is to give you the best show that I possibly can every single time.  Give me the opportunity to show you what true Professionalism looks like.

2.  Personality

This is one of my favorite reasons.  There are many D.J.'s with a percentage of my experience and professionalism that charge, sometimes, twice what I charge.  Why do I charge so little.  Because I can.  I've been doing this long enough to know that I don't have to charge a lot just because a lot of couples will pay it.  I don't have a fancy office to pay for or employees to pay.  You pay less to me than a lot of couples will pay for their cakes.  You're spending enough on your wedding, why pay more for a lessor D.J.

I do not use Traditional D.J. Equipment.  I have personally chosen all the equipment that I use and put each piece together with care to come up with, what I feel, is some of the best sounding D.J. music you will find.  I am constantly updating my equipment and improving my sound.

7.  Equipment

Personality is what separate a good D.J. from a great one.  You need someone who can entertain your guests, as well as, control the feel and flow of your event without being overbearing and pushy.  By the end of the evening, your guests will feel closer to each other because of the friendly and warming personality coming over the microphone.

5.  Price

9.  Dedication

When you are planning your day, you need to know that you have access to and can get a hold of your Entertainment Professional.  I give you every avenue available to me.  You need to talk to me, I will be there for you.  If I am not imeadiately available, I will get back to you within 48 hours (in most cases).

10.   Accesability

Quite Simply...